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Albuquerque Chocolatier Makes Wedding Day Fun, cont'd.



Dear Soon-To-Be-Bride,


The other day we were at work here at Smile ‘n Say Chocolate, sharing stories about our lives and families when our conversation turned to our wedding days.  We all laughed at our funny stories about who danced to the Chicken Dance, who wore what, and who sat with whom. 


It seemed like we each had the perfect wedding, but some of us wished we had done something different with the decorations.  I mean the napkins with the wedding dates are nice, but it seems that everybody does that.  The bubble bottles are cute, and the little bags of birdseed are environmentally friendly.  But there was something missing.


Then it hit us… Wouldn’t it have been great if Smile ‘n Say Chocolate was in business back then?  Brides today are so lucky to have another option to celebrate their weddings. Imagine giving your guests a delicious way to celebrate your wedding day.  At Smile ‘n Say Chocolate, we can customize our gourmet chocolates into wedding favors to make your day even more special. 


You have so much to take care of on your wedding day: the caterer, the wedding reception, the groom…  Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less thing to worry about?  I mean who has time to worry about personalized wedding favors? 


Well… We do!


We have Belgian chocolate truffles, chocolate coins, and chocolate lollipops to name a few.  You can customize your treats with a photo or your very own message.  How you decorate our chocolates is only limited by your imagination.  Not to mention, the delicious gourmet chocolates your guests will love. 


Contact us with your ideas and we’ll work together to make them a reality.  And just to say thanks, call us before XX/XX/XX for a 15% discount on your wedding order!


We sincerely hope you have a wonderful and joyous Wedding Day!


Yours Truly,



Smile ‘n Say Chocolate!

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