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What Others Say About GARY WRIGHT

"Without Gary I wouldn't have a VSL (Video Sales Letter). He understood my voice, helped me get clear on who I was talking to, and basically nailed it. Definitely feel like I got more than my money's worth. Looking forward to hiring him again and recommending him to all my colleagues. Thanks Gary!"

- Jonni L.


"I had my book edited by Gary Wright and he did a professional job!  I just recently wrote the first book in the series of Journey to Freedom.  I was mostly concerned with the content since a majority of it came from my own experience.  Gary went through it within a few days and did a thorough job.  He polished what I thought was a finished product.  I am very satisfied and thankful for his work in editing my first book.  I recommend his expertise to anyone seeking a good editor.  Thanks, Gary!"

-Marie L-B.


"Gary’s versatility allows him to adapt to new and changing work assignments.  His excellent 'people' skills were the same ones that helped him fit into our team readily. Gary has an outgoing personality that makes him a great team player, who works well with personnel of all levels. He is fun to work with, while setting an excellent example for others by maintaining professionalism at all times."

-Sally D.


“Gary’s unique combination of excellent technical skills and constructive diplomatic talents make him particularly effective in problem recognition and resolution.  His enthusiastic dedication to competently assisting and accommodating the customer’s needs has proven to be among his many attributes.  Gary’s dedication towards “excellence” makes him a valued employee and person, and an outstanding addition to any staff.”

-Scott S.


"As principal staff member, I was especially impressed with Gary’s 'can do' attitude and ability to juggle multiple tasks under tremendous pressure. Gary is well qualified to assume a Sandia technical staff position. He has worked diligently to complete two graduate-level degrees and is pursuing professional certification. Gary has shown great enthusiasm in any position that he assumes. He would be a tremendous asset to Center 1300."

-Linda S.


"When I worked with Gary at Sandia I knew I could rely on him to go the extra mile to find an answer or solve a problem. Gary's "we can do it" attitude and the energy he puts into any project are infectious. He also has a deep understanding of EHS issues and is a great resource for safety information. Sandia is truly lucky to have him."

-Robert B.


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