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Will Chicago do for Copywriting what it did for The Blues? cont'd.



Hi, I’m Steve Roller, I’d like to invite you to join me, and 14 other writers in Chicago, Illinois from June 19 – 22 for a writing retreat that promises to transform and sharpen your writing skills. But, more about that later…


If you’re a Blues Music enthusiast like me, you know that Chicago is a hot-bed for the Blues.


Blues music, from the Mississippi Delta, was doing just fine at the beginning of the 20th century, but when Muddy Waters and other Guitarists added electricity to the mix, the result was a whole new genre of music- Chicago Blues! 


So what does music have to do with writing? Well, as a music lover and avid writer, I have always thought that learning to write and learning to play guitar were very similar. It all starts with the basics.


Once you learn a few chords and maybe some scales, you’re ready for more. You’re ready to strategically link a few chords together and maybe start composing your own songs. 


Well, just like in writing once you’ve have your headlines and leads down and when you can whip out the Promise, the Picture, the Proof, and the Push, all that’s left to do is practice, practice, practice.


At the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ you will get plenty of chances to practice. I’ll present ways to practice smarter, more focused, with strategies to transform your chords into sentences, strum patterns into paragraphs and songs into books that everyone will be reading.


You’ll also get hands-on copywriting workshops, one-on-one strategic planning sessions with me, private writing time at the XXX and elsewhere, copy critiques, creative writing techniques and activities, and a surprise special guest. 


She’s not really a writer; she’s more of a "creative instigator" - this woman has owned numerous successful businesses over the past 33 years. She has a gift for helping people draw out their own unique gifts, brainstorm creative ideas, and draw out an action plan based on those ideas.



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